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  • Re: Lighting and energy use in NHS buildings

    I have done 2 large installs of LED Lighting within The Princess Alexandra Hospital. 1st thing I did was find a company that could produce a...

  • Re: Dining and catering within Schools

    Lots of great points on lots of issues. Love what you mention about feedback from pupils Lindsay. So let’s hear from even more of you: what do you...

  • Re: How have you reduced your carbon?

    De Montfort University (DMU) has taken a comprehensive approach to measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions through the development of its...

  • Re: How have you reduced your carbon?

    Waste Watch (a programme in Keep Britain Tidy), supports schools, communities, businesses and individuals to waste less and live more, showing that...

  • Re: The Climate Change Act

    Given today's news that Peter Lilley is in the back pocket of a major oil company I think we should start to realise many inside the Government and...

  • The Climate Change Act

    [b][/b] What credence should we give to media reported efforts to derail the Climate Change Act which are massively at odds with the work of the...

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  • Schools

    I help develop leadership throughout a school community and I can vouch for the importance of... MORE

  • Schools

    [quote name="smartcoachliz"]I help develop leadership throughout a school community and I can vouch... MORE

  • Road

    All cyclists and motor cyclist should wear yellow hi visibility tabards and this should be... MORE

  • Growth & Reform

    One should look at the resourse allocation given to each Council, rather than how much they have... MORE

  • Unions

    I agree that living wages need to raise in the U.K., but there some aspects of the employment... MORE

  • Europe

    2% increase in capital required to be held by banks = 20% cut in lending by banks; no surprise... MORE

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