'Recova wrap' the revolutionary recycling scheme which is wrapping up the NHS

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Published on Wednesday, 12 December 2012 10:19
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Alternative To Landfill Ltd (ATL) is the first to market in the UK with the recent launch of 'recova wrap', a trademarked new revolutionary spun PP recovery to recycling scheme that is gaining keen interest from NHS Trusts looking to save on disposal costs and reduce carbon.

'Recova wrap' as a scheme itself is simple to introduce. It applies to any location within a hospital where spun pp is used, discarded, can be classified as non contaminated waste and recovered for recycling. 'Recova wrap' has the potential to become adopted nationally and provide significant savings for the NHS.

ATL and Northampton General Hospital saw the opportunity and worked together to develop the elements of the scheme that now sits seamlessly alongside the hospitals waste management arrangements.

The scheme introduces a system to capture surgical instrument transportation wraps made of spun PP into a specifically branded clear sacks clearly marked and identified for the purpose of the recovery of non-contaminated spun pp.

Sterile Services are included in the scheme as spun PP waste arisings do occur at this location from surgical transportation wrapping damage. The next intervention point is the pre-op room where the surgically wrapped instrument trays wrapping is removed; it is the outer transportation wrapping which can be captured and placed into the dedicated sack.

Additionally, ATL recover the disposable hospital curtains now more commonly made of spun PP which are regularly changed as an infection process control as part of the scheme.

The spun PP waste is reused widely in industry to manufacture a wide range of products from new wrap and food trays to flower pots to builders' bags.

ATL's Business Development Director, Steve Tooke, said: "We are delighted that 'Recova Wrap' as a scheme has generated such a level of interest from NHS Trust's around the country looking to save on their waste bills and reduce on carbon. Working with Dr. Clare Topping at Northampton General Hospital to shape the model of the scheme, was very valuable and to be now in a position to deliver a scheme that can work anywhere within the NHS is rewarding".

Dr. Clare Topping, Northampton General Hospital's Energy & Sustainability Manager said, "the introduction of the scheme was helped by having an enthusiastic waste management company to work with that sees waste as a resource and offers a service that offers financial and environmental benefits to the Hospital."

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