CIWM voices concern over changes to Government consultation process

Published on Friday, 20 July 2012 13:01
Posted by Scott Buckler

CIWM has adopted a cautionary approach to the announcement this week from the Cabinet Office that the response period for Government consultations may be as short as two weeks in the future, depending on the complexity of the issue

CIWM deputy chief executive Chris Murphy said:

"We agree that timeframes for consultations 'should be proportionate and realistic', but for representative organisations like CIWM it would not be reasonable to expect a member response in a 2-week period.

"The consultation guidance also states that in some cases there will be no requirement for consultation if interested groups have already been engaged in the policy making process. As a multi-sector representative body, CIWM could have an interest in many issues under discussion and there is a danger that organisations such as ourselves may be excluded altogether if there is no consultation or if the consultation period is so short that responses cannot adequately be prepared and delivered."

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