Road accidents decline 6% in 2010

Published on Friday, 30 September 2011 12:25
Posted by Scott Buckler

A year-on-year fall of six per cent has been recorded in the UK for all casualties of all severities in road accidents during 2010, with the annual economic welfare cost estimated at £15 billion

According to data from the Department for Transport, there were 208,648 such incidents last year, while the number of people killed declined by 17 per cent compared with 2009.

The drop was coupled with a two per cent contraction in volumes of motor vehicles traffic over the year and serious injuries in crashes stood eight per cent lower.

Fatalities fell in almost all road user categories, including car occupants (-21 per cent), pedestrians (-19 per cent) and motorcyclists (-15 per cent), but pedal cycle deaths were up by seven per cent.

Contributory factors included failure to look properly (40 per cent of all accidents reported to police) and drink driving (five per cent of road casualties and 14 per cent of fatalities).

In a bid to further improve road safety in Britain, ATS Euromaster issued advice ahead of Tyre Safety Month in October, warning that driving on illegal tyres can result in a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points on licences for each wheel in poor condition.


Source: Cilt UK

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