Motorists advised to check alignment following kerb strikes

Published on Friday, 07 January 2011 11:08
Posted by Scott Buckler

Hitting a kerb or another object as a result of snow and ice causing vehicles to slide on the road could affect the alignment of vehicles, it is claimed


Motorists have therefore been advised to have cars checked properly in the wake of such incidents as any problems could lead to further expense in the future.

This is according to website, which notes deep potholes can also impact on the alignment of models causing damage to the geometry settings of wheels.

Vehicles suffering from these issues will be more expensive to run and will experience increased wear and tear on tyres, with checks often completed within minutes.

In addition, in extreme cases, cars could be a danger to other road users and Pro-Align managing director Paul Beaurain advised: "Even very low speed impacts can cause significant misalignment or damage to components, especially if they occur at an unusual angle."

With one of the coldest Decembers on record last month and snow and ice causing disruptions across the country, warnings have been issued about the increased risk of potholes on UK roads.

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