Southwark Council to streamline asset management division

Published on Wednesday, 01 August 2012 10:24
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

South-East London's Southwark Council has today announced that it has selected Masternaut's vehicle tracking solution for its public realm asset management division.

The Council division, which maintains 340 kilometres of public roads and footpaths, and over 60 grass verges within the area, made the decision to select the pan-European telematics provider in order to better coordinate its mobile workforce.

The Masternaut vehicle tracking solution, which has been installed into the Council's highways maintenance vehicles, allows the service managers to monitor the real-time whereabouts of each of these vehicles via the solution's cloud-based tracking system.

By providing insight into driver location, the systems have enabled contract managers to coordinate maintenance tasks quickly and directly, using this data to deploy nearby drivers to respond to issues as they arise. These issues include resident complaints, highway maintenance requirements, congestion problems and day-to-day repair and upkeep of local roads.

Masternaut's technology has also proven particularly useful for areas of the authority which suffer the high level of congestion common to certain areas of London. With the systems able to transmit data regarding vehicle speed, in addition to whereabouts, this offers Council managers the ability to take into account those drivers stuck in traffic while planning and coordinating the workforce.

Eddie Henry, Operations Manager at Southwark Council, said: "from the moment we engaged with Masternaut at the start of the consultation process, we knew this was a company that completely understood the requirements of Southwark Council."

"We are a densely populated borough, encompassing a number of top London tourist attractions, so as a result a huge amount of traffic passes through our roads every day. There is therefore a huge pressure on our highways maintenance team to be readily available to address any issues that arise, as well as to carry out regular, on-going upkeep. Masternaut facilitates the efficient coordination of these demands, and continues to prove beneficial in the smooth running of this division."

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