Young motorists 'facing significant dangers behind the wheel

Published on Monday, 23 July 2012 12:47
Written by Scott Buckler

Drivers who have not held their licence for long and are under the age of 24 are at particular risk on UK roads, new research claims

Motor racing legend Nigel Mansell unveiled the joint report - produced by the AA Charitable Trust and Make Roads Safe - explaining that "the place for speed is on a race track, not on the road".

Launching the study at the Silverstone Classic, Mansell added that deaths among young people as a result of traffic accidents are "a crisis out of control" in some parts of the world and a growing problem.

The research found that almost 40 per cent of drivers questioned had crashed by the time they reached 23, while 26 per cent did so within two years of obtaining their licence and one in three 18 to 24-year-olds stated they had been involved in an accident while behind the wheel.

Most first accidents occur without passengers in the vehicle (63 per cent) and bad weather plays a role in 15 per cent of such incidents.

Following official data showing an increase in road fatalities in 2011, the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee called for greater government leadership to make highways safer and proposed a review of driver training to reduce casualties among young people.

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