New rules on bus and coach passenger rights

Published on Wednesday, 18 July 2012 10:58
Written by Vicki Mitchem

Proposals on applying new European rules which aim to bring the rights of passengers taking long-distance coach trips into line with those using planes and trains were set out today by Transport Minister, Norman Baker.

The Department for Transport has today launched a consultation putting forward the UK's plans for applying Europe-wide regulations that aim to ensure bus and coach passengers have similar legal protection to those using other forms of transport.

The regulation, which mainly applies to journeys over 155 miles (250km), lays out the responsibilities of operators and terminal owners in the case of delays, cancellations, accidents and other issues affecting passengers, including disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility.

Transport Minister, Norman Baker, said:

"We want people taking coach trips and long-distance bus journeys to get a fair deal. However, we also want to avoid tying operators up in expensive and unnecessary burdens.

"I believe that the approach outlined in this consultation finds the right balance between passenger protection and operator competitiveness and I hope that groups likely to be affected by these changes will agree when they respond to our proposals."

Source: ©DfT


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