Low emission cars will 'weather the storm' of fuel prices

Published on Monday, 07 March 2011 09:42
Posted by Scott Buckler

Low emission and zero carbon cars will weather the impact of increasing fuel prices, a number of car manufacturers have said


The Press Association reports that makers including Toyota, Fiat and Ford have said that their electric, hybrid and cleaner engines show a sign of renewed confidence in vehicle sales after the industry suffered during the economic crisis.

Such vehicles will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show, including new models and prototypes, which will run until March 13th.

However, the news provider stated that luxury car makers that produce gas-guzzling models and sports cars might not be as successful with car sales this year.

Despite this, the key theme at the event is fuel efficiency, as Opel showcases its Ampera electric hybrid and Volkswagen displays its luxury hybrid for Porsche, the Panamera S.

Other models on show will be the Nissan Leaf, which has recently been shipped to the UK, and Peugeot's new hybrid model.

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