Truckers warned of obesity risk

Are truckers too fat?
Published on Wednesday, 31 October 2012 11:04
Posted by Scott Buckler

New research has indicated that the health of those working in the UK's logistics and distribution industry could be at risk as a result of obesity

The study by supermarket chain Morrisons found that nearly one in three (28 per cent) truck drivers are deemed to be obese or morbidly obese, compared with a national average of 22 per cent.

According to the research for the group's NuMe range, this represents a significant health risk and could be partly a result of a lack of healthier food at service stations, which was cited as a factor by 45 per cent of respondents, with 34 per cent stating working on the road made eating well more difficult.

The survey of 235 heavy goods vehicle drivers by OnePoll also revealed that more than two in five (41 per cent) truckers admitted to being concerned about their health and a fifth (22 per cent) wanted to become healthier.

"Obesity is a huge burden on the NHS and although junk food may seem a quick and easy short-term option whilst on the road, it doesn't pay off in terms of health in the long run," advised Radio 2 doctor and practising GP Dr Sarah Jarvis.

However, a recent USA Today article suggested more truckers in the country are focusing on getting healthy, as they realise that sitting for long periods of the day driving can make it difficult to eat well and exercise.

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