So far, so good on Olympic roads, says FTA

Published on Tuesday, 07 August 2012 10:59
Posted by Scott Buckler

The first week of the Olympics has gone swimmingly for logistics firms delivering in and around London

With those living and working in the capital heeding Transport for London's (TfL) messages to change their travel plans for the Games, traffic levels on London's roads have dropped by 17 per cent.

Prior to the Opening Ceremony there was speculation that the Games Lanes and Olympic Route Network would cause confusion and chaos for the capital's road users, but it would seem that for the majority they have had the opposite effect.

The Freight Transport Association has been asking its members for feedback about how they have been coping, and the response has been very positive. Companies are reporting that deliveries are being made on time and in some cases ahead of schedule as extra journey time has been factored in to allow for the anticipated congestion.

Natalie Chapman, FTA's Head of Policy for London said:

"The shelves are stocked, the pubs have beer and the waste is being collected – everyday things that we all take for granted. But with the world's biggest peacetime logistical event taking place in the capital, the industry has been working closely with TfL to ensure that essential deliveries can get through – and the years of planning have paid off."

Source: ©FTA

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