Consumers buying less fuel at the pump despite more cars on the road

Published on Wednesday, 27 March 2013 10:29
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

In the last 10 years, average fuel prices in the UK have almost doubled, rising from 73.68 p/l to 136.26 p/l for unleaded petrol, and 75.57 p/l to 142.39 p/l for diesel.

The latest Retail Marketing Survey, conducted by the Energy Institute (EI), shows there are more registered UK vehicles on the road than ever before, yet total fuel sales have dropped by 6% since 2002.

A cutback in fuel sales suggests improvements in engine performance and fuel economy, combined with changes in driver behaviour. This is supported by diesel sales out-performing petrol for the second year running, How have your driving habits changed?

The Retail Marketing Survey, published with the EI's April issue of Petroleum Review, provides a comprehensive, statistical overview of the UK forecourt market. Data is broken down by company, region and forecourt facilities. The survey is based on statistics relating to end-2012 and does not reflect changes since that date. The figures are cross-checked with numbers from market analyst Experian Catalist.

Source: Energy Institute

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