Young need drink-driving education

Published on Wednesday, 19 December 2012 13:07
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The vast majority of young drivers do not know the legal blood-alcohol limit for driving or riding on the road, according to research by Red Driving School.


One in four (79%) of the 1,000 17-24-year-olds surveyed did not know that the legal alcohol limit is 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood, 35mg per 100ml of breath or 107mg per 100ml of urine.

Red said the figures raise the question of how these young people can know whether they are over the limit, and highlight a lack of education on the issue, not irresponsible attitudes.

A third of those sampled said they had seen parents driving after drinking, while a fifth said that while they would never plan to drink-drive "the unexpected can happen".

However, other statistics released recently show that drivers in the 20-24 age group fail more breath tests than any other.

Ian McIntosh, CEO at RED Driving School said: "While the research has revealed a serious need for more young driver education around drink driving and what the legal drink drive limit is, it has highlighted some positive statistics that show that young people are responsible drivers and consider their safety on the road."

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