Councils back call for greater involvement in railways

Published on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 12:56
Posted by Scott Buckler

Responding to the McNulty report's call for local authorities to have more involvement in rail franchises, Cllr Peter Box, Chairman of the Local Government Association's Economy and Transport Board, said (May 24th)

The LGA has consistently campaigned for greater involvement of councils in decisions about the new rail franchises and it is very pleasing to see this sensible and necessary reform recommended by the McNulty report. We hope the Government will now put this recommendation into action.

"The report recognises that many of the problems with our rail network arise from decisions being taken centrally without the engagement of the passengers, residents and businesses, who will be affected by them most.

"If we are to have a railway that is fit for the future, we need it to operate more efficiently, we need to target investment to where it is most needed and we need to find new ways of raising that investment. More local accountability, and a stronger role for councils, is crucial to all three."


Source: LGA

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