Ten years of above inflation rises leave many stranded

Published on Wednesday, 02 January 2013 10:26
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

As the New Year sees the tenth successive annual above- inflation increase in rail fares, charity Sustrans says that millions more people will struggle to access jobs, family and healthcare.

As public transport fares soar higher than inflation and wage increases, the government's cancellation of the planned increase in fuel duty will continue to force many families into car ownership they cannot afford and condemn more to transport poverty - being unable to get around for essential journeys.

Chief Executive of Sustrans, Malcolm Shepherd, said;

"Train travel is becoming increasingly unaffordable just as more and more families are facing debt from car costs.

"Many are facing a stark choice: fork out for expensive train travel, own a car and cut back on essentials, or stay put and miss out on jobs and opportunities.

"With oil prices only going up in the long run, we need a major overhaul to our transport system so that we can all afford to get about now and in the future.

"And for the quarter of people in England without access to a car, the situation is even worse. To get our economy moving we need affordable public transport that works for everyone."

Source: ©Sustrans

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