Rail performance improves as public attitudes remain steady

Published on Friday, 28 September 2012 16:04
Posted by Scott Buckler

Performance of train operators using the UK's rail network improved between August 19th and September 15th 2012, new data from Network Rail has revealed

Figures from the company show punctuality of services offered by passenger transport providers hit 94 per cent during the timeframe -known as Period 6 - up from the 92.5 per cent recorded at the same time last year.

The figure, means this has been the best Period 6 on record, beating the previous high of 93.6 per cent recorded in 2009. In addition, it is the 4th best performance figure ever seen, coming close to the record 94.2 per cent recorded in Period 5.

National Express-owned c2c Rail recorded the highest punctuality percentage of all operators at 98.7 per cent, followed by the London Overground with 98.3 per cent and Merseyrail on 96.4 per cent.

Virgin Train and London Midlands were the only operator to record a figure lower than 90 per cent.

Despite the increased punctuality public attitudes towards railway operators remained largely unchanged, with 63 per cent of those questioned by the Department for Transport stating they though short distance services had remained the same over the past two years.

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