More Britons 'hiring cars abroad'

Published on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 11:31
Posted by Scott Buckler

An increasing number of British travellers are hiring cars during their overseas breaks, a survey has shown


The research carried out by travel firm revealed that 38% of British holidaymakers have rented a car this year while travelling overseas.This is a significant rise compared to last year when only 19% of tourists hired cars during their trips abroad.

Experts have attributed this tendency to the fact that tourists had more money to spend on holiday add-ons in 2011.Among those who used rented cars abroad, 79% said it had boosted their holiday experience, and only 6% reckoned it was not worthwhile.

The survey, involving 1,199 Britons who travelled abroad recently, also showed that 52% of those planning another trip abroad will hire a rental car.

Source: RAC

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