Drivers cut back on consumption

Published on Thursday, 06 October 2011 11:28
Posted by Scott Buckler

Drivers in the UK are responding to the current economic climate and high fuel prices by cutting back on consumption


This is the claim made by motoring group the AA, which has found a decline in consumption of petrol in excess of 15 per cent since the financial markets crisis.

According to the organisation, sales fell by 1.7 billion litres over the first half of this year compared with the same six months of 2008, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

However, an almost £1 billion hole was left in the Treasury's finances as a result of lost fuel duty over the period in question.

Record fuel costs and constrained household budgets were cited as reasons for the drop.

A recent report by the AA suggested that rising fuel prices may lead to more parents choosing to car share on the school run in order to cut expenditure in this area or decide to cut out journeys by vehicle altogether and encourage children to walk.

Source: Cilt UK

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