Low carbon roadmap published for commercial vehicles

Published on Friday, 15 April 2011 10:40
Posted by Scott Buckler

Vehicle manufacturers will soon have to work harder to reduce the carbon emissions of commercial vehicles from a range of sectors under new guidelines set out in a new low carbon roadmap(April 15th)


Published by the Automotive Council, a joint industry and government group, the plans create a timeline for manufacturers to reduce transport emissions by developing new low carbon technologies and adopting alternative fuels.

This will affect commercial vehicles from delivery vans to bulldozers, the council states.

"Work on lowering carbon emissions from cars is well underway. Now we need to look at other parts of the sector and how they can help meet our long term obligations on CO2 and air quality targets," commented business secretary Vince Cable.

"This roadmap will help companies make the right investment choices as well as promote UK innovation and technology."

According to government figures, heavy goods vehicles account for 20 per cent of overall domestic transport emissions and this will be reduced most effectively through the use of lower emission technologies such as alternative fuels.


Source: EST

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