Green transport network rolled-out to public organisations

Published on Friday, 25 February 2011 11:45
Posted by Scott Buckler

A sustainable travel network could be rolled out across public sector organisations after a trial run by the Avon & Wilshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust has proved a success


GoLow encourages staff to leave their cars at home and use a car sharing scheme.

It is hoped that the scheme will cut the fleet costs of the Trust, but also lower the carbon emissions of the body and of its 3,500 staff.

Using support from Bristol City Council, 22 low emission cars were purchased last year to create a car pool, as well as 20 electric bikes.

"The pilot has demonstrated that it has been possible to create significant savings compared to paying staff mileage expenses," Pierre Fox, sustainable travel project manager.

Indeed, the cars are expected to save the Trust £20,284 per year and by transferring staff to pool cars, it has lowered emissions by 55.6 per cent per mile.

The news provider highlighted a report by the Energy Saving Trust, which found that 93 per cent of the NHS Trust's business travel had been undertaken in grey fleet vehicles.

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