EU passes law on van emissions targets

Published on Friday, 18 February 2011 10:00
Written by Scott Buckler

The European Parliament has passed a law reducing the carbon emissions of vans, setting the standard for future low carbon transportAn initial target has been set at 175g/km of carbon dioxide, with the requirement that 70 per cent of manufacturer's fleets must meet the limit by 2014.


By 2017, the average of all its vehicles must reach this level. However, manufacturers must continue to strive to reduce the CO2 emissions of vans, as by 2020 the limit will be reduced to 147g/km.

Vans that emit less than 50g/km of carbon will be given 'supercredits', while any van that exceeds the goal will lead to the manufacturer being fined.

MEP Martin Callanan, who led the legislation through Parliament, commented: "This legislation has been a difficult balancing act between setting ambitious but attainable environmental targets for manufacturers. I am satisfied that this is a good deal for the environment, for van manufacturers, and for van users across the EU."

The targets will aim to lower carbon emissions in the EU and urge small firms to take up greener options.

Source: ©EST

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