Carbon emissions reduction 'too slow' in vehicles

Published on Tuesday, 08 February 2011 15:09
Posted by Scott Buckler

The rate at which green cars are reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is "too slow", a new study claims


Research by Clean Green Cars suggests the rate of improvement currently stands at 3.6 per cent annually, with a number of manufacturers missing targets by a significant margin.

The company has published data tables indicating European Union (EU) climate change goals for 2012 in this area will not be achieved until the end of the following year unless greater progress is made.

Average CO2 in grams per kilometre was 144.43 in 2010, down from 149.77 in 2009, substantially higher than an EU target of 130 g/km, with only Fiat, Toyota, Mini and Citroen pushing levels below this threshold to date.

"The fact that some manufacturers are very close to meeting the EU target shows up the failings of others," declared Clean Green Cars publisher Jay Nagley.

New guidance has been published by the Automotive Council intended to boost communication between organisations in the UK's technology and manufacturing industry and ensure the country is a world leader in low and ultra-low carbon vehicles.

Source: ©CILT UK

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