Award recognition for National Energy Foundation

Published on Tuesday, 29 October 2013 12:46
Written by Govtoday staff

The National Energy Foundation has received an award from the Carbon Trust for being 'Best in Relative Carbon Reduction (2012-13)' amongst certified organisations, recognising it as one of the country's top achievers in carbon management and reduction over the past year.

The Foundation has operated from a low-carbon base for many years but significantly improved its performance during 2012-13. It originally achieved the Carbon Trust Standard in 2012, which involved verifying its carbon footprint and emissions reduction, and demonstrating a strong commitment to making further reductions year-on-year. Through the continuous evaluation of its low carbon building and further embedding energy and carbon reduction management throughout the organisation, the result during 2012-13 was an impressive 15% absolute reduction in carbon emissions and a 24% reduction relative to turnover.

There have been over 1,000 successful certifications to the Carbon Trust Standard since its launch in 2008, and the Trust's awards give special recognition to the leading performers certified over the previous year. Each winner was presented with an award in front of an audience of over 100 during the Carbon Trust Awards Certification Conference held on the 23rd October in central London.

Speaking at the conference, Dr Kerry Mashford, Chief Executive Officer of the National Energy Foundation, commented:

"We're delighted that the Carbon Trust has recognised the National Energy Foundation's achievements in CO2 emissions reduction with this prestigious award. Given our unique position in previously helping to establish and administer the Carbon Trust Standard for several years, it's a great honour. We're very proud of the progress we've made and the high standard we've set. Our low-carbon building, which incorporates solar pv, ground source heating and sun pipes, together with a very strong energy efficiency ethos amongst our staff, have all played a key role in contributing to our achievement. We're committed to continuing our efforts and become even better.

"Improving the use of energy in buildings is our overarching objective so it's great to have the acknowledgment that we're using our 25-year experience to practise what we preach. We're especially pleased that this award is a reflection of our ability to deliver measurable impact by providing practical, best-practice advice to anyone wanting to improve their energy management in a single building or across the whole of their organisation."

Source: National Energy Foundation

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