New BRE software helps simplify EPCs and Green Deal assessments

Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 15:35
Posted by Scott Buckler

BRE has drawn upon its 90 years of experience in the built environment to create the first modules of a suite of software to help Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) and Green Deal Advisors (GDA)

The core of the software is made up of three modules, which have been developed in response to calls for a more efficient and connected way to assess energy and also better understand green deal potential.

Nick Withey, DEA South Wales said:"I have just run my first EPC through the new BRE software. The program is very user friendly and quickly guides the user through the data inputs in a simple and logical step by step process."

He added: "The software also contains an impressive management tool for the logging and tracking of EPCs, which will definitely save me time in the management of my instructions."

One of the modules is a pre-assessment tool that provides the industry with a new method for conducting green deal pre-assessment which is designed to reduce risk and allows companies to increase their effectiveness, save time and money.

Users are guided via helpful instructions and illustrations through a brief set of questions to quickly capture and understand Green Deal potential. Assessors can then use the information to help identify the homes with the best opportunities for success, thereby making each Green Deal visit more effective for them and their clients.

The other two elements deal with existing dwellings EPCs and occupancy assessment (OA) and will expand BRE Global's automation support for their DEA and GDA members. Both are available free of charge to appropriately licensed BRE Global DEA's and GDA's.

Both modules contain a single login process and visual guides to help clearly identify next steps to draw up a simple EPC summary which identifies potential savings.

The suite of software will also be expanded in June to include an ECO calculator module and GDA iPad app.

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