• Natural Environment 2012: Balancing Nature, Society and the Economy
  • Reducing HCAIs 2012: Reducing Infection: Improving Health Outcomes
  • Greening the FE & HE Sectors 2012: Promoting Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability

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  • Re: Commissioning cheap as chips vs. Value for money?

    “The treatment of drug users is by far, cheaper than the criminal justice route of convicting and incarcerating. In Birmingham our commissioner...

  • heating and weather

    Does anybody use weather data to monitor their heating demand? If so what data do you use? If not, why...

  • Barriers to Smarter Choices Implementation

    The sixth annual smarter choices survey of English local authorities is currently live. The survey seeks to track progress in smarter choices policy...

  • Re: Is Solar Power Finished?

    Hi Gregor, I was very interested to read your post. You raised the queries over whether this has been done before, and in my knowledge it has...

  • Museum & Gallery collections and sustainability

    Hello, I am part of the Sustainable Exhibitions for Museums group. I was interested in whether anyone has positive results of trials to care for...

  • Re: smart meters

    I have a smart electricity meter in our flat, which was interesting for the first week then became quite boring - once you know how much electricity...

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    How many schools actually know and can evidence the impact of there Pupil Premium spend? We use a... MORE

  • Housing & Planning

    I think this initiative is to be welcomed but it's unclear if this mindset will be applied to new... MORE

  • Police & Emergency

    Interesting, but we should be basing policy on "road fear" as well as collision statistics. Road... MORE

  • Police & Emergency

    We urgently need our Police Forces to help change the culture of speed in this Country. You are the... MORE

  • Police & Emergency

    The HSE manage hazards by a reporting policy that embraces all dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR) and... MORE

  • Police & Emergency

    Your foreword says "The police service is committed to preventing and reducing the loss of life or... MORE

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