Liverpool City Council reduce fuel bills by 21% in 3 months

Published on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 15:57
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Leading Telematics Consultants ETS Business Solutions have assisted Liverpool city councils trade teams' fleet slash their fuel bill by £4000 across a 3 month period after installing a vehicle tracking solution.

The team, which is made up of mixed skilled workmen including mechanical & electrical operate a fleet of 40 vans within their operation and Liverpool City Council wanted to introduce a tracking solution to reduce their ever increasing fuel bills.

Within the first three months of implementation (April-June 2012) they have realised a saving of around £4,000 on fuel spend compared with the three months previous to the trackers being installed.

The saving equates to around 2,850 litres of fuel and almost 7,500 kgs of Co2 giving a much leaner, greener fleet.

The vehicle management solution can not only monitor live locations, time on site and out of hours use it can also identify excessive driving styles that have a direct impact on fuel consumption such as road specific speeding, harsh braking, harsh accelerating and excessive idling of the engine.

Operations Manager, Colin Copeland stated that the savings were "significant"

Chris Woods, Account Manager for Liverpool City Council said "We are delighted to have seen such a rapid result for Liverpool City Council and the potential for further savings are achievable. We have a benefit centric approach which means that we will continue to work closely with the council to ensure the maximum return on investment possible"

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