Government drives down ministerial transport emissions

Published on Wednesday, 18 January 2012 11:43
Posted by Scott Buckler

Less public money is being used to fund ministerial cars, the government has confirmed.According to the latest official figures, £3.8 million was spent on these vehicles during 2010-11

This was 44 per cent down on the sum spent by the previous Labour administration during its last year in government.The Department for Transport has therefore pledged to try to achieve further savings where possible in the future.

However, security remains an issue that means ministers sometimes have no option but to travel in this way.

A spokeswoman told BBC News: "We will continue to look at where we can make savings on ministerial cars, although ministers must use an official [vehicle] when they are working on classified papers."

Among the steps being taken to trim expenditure is setting up a car pool, a move that could also reduce the impact of ministerial travel on the environment.

This scheme operates all day every day and according to the Department for Transport, the service makes use of "security cleared, professionally trained" drivers.


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