Forum strengthen their ties with ClimateCare

Published on Thursday, 27 September 2012 10:18
Written by Scott Buckler

Forum for the Future today strengthened a longstanding relationship with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare

In what promises to be a mutually beneficial partnership, ClimateCare will take advantage of Forum for the Future's expertise, networking and convening powers to engage Corporates, NGOs and Governments in its continuing drive to tackle climate change and poverty hand in hand.

ClimateCare's innovative projects deliver both Climate (carbon reduction) and Development (health and poverty alleviation) benefits. For businesses, this means smarter use of their money – supporting projects that deliver not only emission reductions to address their unavoidable carbon footprint, but measured outcomes which can contribute to other CSR objectives.

"If we are serious about tackling climate change – and the latest evidence from the Arctic underlines the urgency of doing so – then sound, science-based offsets should be a vital part of our toolkit. We simply cannot achieve the scale and speed of carbon reductions required by curbing our own emissions alone. But by investing in best quality offsets, we can start to make the sweeping cuts needed – while at the same time helping improve people's quality of life in the here and now. It honestly should be a 'no brainer'! ClimateCare has a strong record of delivering such 'positive offsets', and I'm delighted to be working with them as Green Futures Partners" explains Jonathan Porritt, Founder of Forum for the Future and Green Futures Magazine.

ClimateCare is the provider of choice for Forum for the Future, which offsets its own carbon footprint through their innovative Climate and Development projects. For example, delegate travel to and from Forum networking events is offset with the Carbon for Water Project. Recent winner of many awards including Carbon Finance Transaction of the Year, this project is the first of its kind to use climate finance to provide sustainable, safe water at scale - reaching over 4.5 million people in Kenya, cutting carbon emissions and improving health.

"Forum for the Future has always been a great supporter of our approach" explains ClimateCare director, Edward Hanrahan, "from our work together, setting out the case for carbon offsetting through the ever popular 'Offset Positive' publication, to their current support of our Climate and Development model. We look forward to working in partnership to help businesses, NGOs and Governments achieve their objectives and make a measurable difference in the fight to tackle climate change and alleviate poverty."

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