ENER-G Switch2 launches free Quick Guide to the Renewable Heat Incentive

Published on Thursday, 26 July 2012 11:46
Posted by Scott Buckler

Communal heating and district energy schemes generating heat and hot water from heat pumps, solar thermal, biomass and bio-methane can be paid up to 8.5p /kWh under phase two of the RHI, which is expected to be introduced late 2012

Jayne Clare, Managing Director of metering and billing specialist ENER-G Switch2, said: "According to the Government, which has set tariff levels, users will earn a return of 12% per annum, but initial industry estimates are more conservative at 6-9%.Nevertheless, this could provide a return on investment within five to ten years."

The ENER-G guide outlines the three steps towards the RHI, including system installation, measurement of the generated renewable heat and claiming the incentive.  It details the preparations energy providers must make to ensure accurate measurement of renewable energy generation - both for simple and complex installations.

"Accurate and compliant measurement of renewable heat coupled with an appropriate metering strategy is critical to unlocking the maximum RHI tariff and must be considered at the earliest point in the planning process, particularly for complex installations", added Jayne.  "Energy providers must ensure that their heat meters and other measurement equipment comply with Class 2 accuracy requirements, as specified in the 2004 Measuring Instruments Directive."

ENER-G Switch2 division has partnered with the social housing sector for the past four decades to deliver bespoke metering and payment solutions, managing more than 40,000 customer heat accounts across more than 400 sites.

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