PSC: More cuts mark out Osborne as the failed chancellor

Published on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 16:33
Written by Vicki Mitchem

Commenting on the 2015/16 spending round announced today, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said:

"While his mantra is that he is dealing with our debts, the fact is George Osborne is actually borrowing more for failure and has led our economy into the longest and deepest slump since the 1870s.

"He is not only incompetent and wildly out of touch, Osborne has been disastrous for our communities, with half a million of our friends and neighbours now relying on food banks to get by.

"Despite all the evidence that austerity is making things worse not better, Osborne is slashing billions more from government departments, including cutting the living standards of hard-working public servants for many years to come.

"By ploughing ahead with more cuts, instead of investment to help our economy to grow, Osborne has proved he is a failed chancellor who is putting politics before the needs of the country."

Advisory note on pay progression: this system - by no means "automatic" in most areas of the civil service - moves employees from the minimum on a pay scale up to what is known as 'the rate for the job'. Far from being "fair", ending progression would mean cutting wage rates for many years to come.

The union has shown that more than £50 billion has been cut from workers' wages since the start of the recession and argued this could provide the answer to the lack of growth in the economy.

Protests on Thursday (27 June): the union will end the first phase of a campaign of action with a day of protest across the civil and public services.

Since a national strike on budget day on 20 March, the union's 250,000 public sector members have been involved in a series of walkouts in opposition to imposed cuts to pay, pensions, jobs and working conditions.

Thursday's protests will include mostly lunchtime demonstrations outside workplaces and in towns and cities across the UK, including in London outside the Treasury/HM Revenue and Customs HQ at 100 Parliament Street, SW1A 2BQ, at 12.30pm.

Following this the union will launch its largest ever consultation exercise to discuss the next stages of the campaign, with dedicated meetings due to be held in more than 800 workplace branches over the summer.

Source: PSC

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