MoD firefighters pensions' vote by MPs

Published on Monday, 22 April 2013 10:11
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

About 1,000 Ministry of Defence (MoD) firefighters are calling on MPs to do the right thing in today's vote on whether they have to work an extra eight years until they are 68 before they receive their pension – or to the age of 60.

The House of Lords sent an amendment to the government's public sector pension legislation back to the House of Commons saying that the firefighters should receive their pension at 60 – the same age as civilian firefighters and police officers.

MPs will now vote on this amendment today (Monday 22 April).

Because of an anomaly in the government's pension legislation, MoD firefighters were not included as uniform grades enabling them to retire at an earlier age.

Mike McCartney, Unite national officer for MoD/government departments, said: "It is unreasonable to expect firefighters to work until they are 68 before receiving their pension due to the extreme physicality of the job.

"We have kept up the campaign so that MPs understand the issues involved and vote through this amendment so they can receive their pension at 60.

"We have worked very closely with the 2,700-strong MoD Police Federation on this whose members also face the similar prospect of working until 68.

"The MoD firefighters have to undergo vigorous medical and fitness checks on a yearly basis.  If they do not pass these tests they are likely to be moved out of the service on capability grounds, probably on medical retirement.

"We are confident that MPs will right this legislative anomaly today."

Source: Unite

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