Cable's capitulation will increase insecurity, not jobs

Published on Friday, 14 September 2012 12:53
Posted by Scott Buckler

Unite the union, the country's biggest, condemned moves today by business secretary Vince Cable to dilute further the already pitiful framework of rights for UK workers

The business secretary announced measures to reduce access to tribunals and cuts to the compensation for workers who are found to have been mistreated.

Commenting, Len McCluskey, general secretary, said: "Vince Cable has thrown Conservative MPs and ministers a very large bone.  He admits that there is no benefit in 'sacking at will'  but his capitulation on workers' tribunal protections is wish fulfilment for the large anti-worker wing of this government.

"This is a government that has not one clue about how to create jobs, but is certainly skilled at spreading insecurity and fear in the workplace.

"We are extremely concerned about their plans to look at the transfer of undertakings (TUPE) legislation.  Given the government's inherent anti-worker bias, we fear that this vital measure, often the only thing protecting vulnerable workers during takeovers, will be axed too.

"UK workers already have the worst protections in Europe.  This government is utterly misguided in its belief that making workers more vulnerable will power our economy to recovery.  Look at Germany - workers there are treated with dignity and that nation is repaid by thriving as the strongest economy in Europe.

"Vince Cable knows this - he should be ashamed for his part in this assault on the rights of the millions of decent working people of this country."

Source: ©Unite

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