Unite backs Miliband call for a review of G4S public policing role

Published on Thursday, 19 July 2012 12:16
Posted by Scott Buckler

Unite the union today welcomed moves by Labour leader Ed Miliband to push for a review of all G4S involvement in public policing


The union said this was a significant step in the right direction, but urged Labour to go further and rule out the 'sell-off' of police services altogether.

Peter Allenson, Unite national officer, said: "This news will come as a massive relief to policing staff across England who face an uncertain time, as forces look to outsource essential police services.

"It should also provide some much-needed reassurance to a concerned public that the professional public police service that they trust and value will not be unravelled by a Labour government.

"The G4S Olympics fiasco is a timely reminder of the chaos that private sector corner-cutting causes, and that, yet again, the public sector has to sweep up their mess.

"However, Labour does need to go further and accept that there is no role for profiteering in the police services, and that our police service is a single, joined-up entity. Its viability is based on the trust each part has in the other.

"Allowing private companies to cherry pick what some - certainly not Unite - regard as peripheral services destabilises the values and operation of the entire service.

'The calls to halt the march to 'policing for profit' are now deafening. We urge the government to heed these and stop now this dangerous transfer of the police to the private sector."

Unite has been fighting to halt the sell off of the police service in the West Midlands, helping last week to secure a pause in the process until autumn of this year. G4S is one of the companies bidding to provide police services in that force.

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