The cost of recruitment in the government - it's a lot

Published on Monday, 28 July 2014 12:26
Written by Vicki Mitchem

The government has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on recruitment in the last year. The biggest spender was DECC who spent £836,000 finding staff for 663 positions, or £1260 per job. A rise of 41% on last year.

BIS spent £715,070 finding people for 812 roles and DCMS spent £247,506 filling 49% of its 84 jobs.

Government departments are also spending up to four months to recruit staff according to a series of Freedom of Information requests.

Recruitment agencies say their average time taken to fill a position with an agency was under 46 days, even for the most senior positions. The DH's average time-to-fill period was four months.

The data was acquired through a series of Freedom of Information requests made by recruitment software company, Bullhorn. The requests asked 24 government departments the cost, number of jobs recruited for, how many of those positions were filled and how long it took to fill them.

Some departments were not even close to filling all the available jobs; similar to the DCMS, the Home Office only found people to do half of the 6170 jobs they advertised. The Home Office refused to say how much the year's recruitment drive cost saying it would be too expensive to compile the information.

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