Labour wants diverse 'one nation' civil service

Published on Monday, 07 April 2014 09:20
Written by Govtoday staff

In the first proposed major reform of the civil service Labour will announce that it will take action to make Whitehall more diverse.

In a speech to the IPPR on Tuesday, Labour's shadow minister for the Cabinet Office, Michael Dugher, will say that Whitehall has become like a closed shop and will announce targets for BME young people and those from working class backgrounds to join the elite the fast stream programme for future civil service leaders.

Michael Dugher will cite figures showing that the civil service has become more unrepresentative and say that Labour's 'one nation' outlook extends to the make-up of Whitehall.

Labour's plans are:

  • New targets for the number of successful BME and working class candidates entering the fast stream programme, reflective of the proportion of national graduates from those backgrounds.
  • An expansion of internship programmes for those with diverse backgrounds.
  • A fast-track on to the fast stream for those who have completed an internship programme.

Labour's plans would ensure there were hundreds more BME and working candidates entering the fast stream over the course of the next parliament.

Labour is focusing on the fast  stream as this is the fastest way to achieve change and create a new generation of civil service leaders with senior roles who are more reflective of the country.

Michael Dugher said: "Labour would make sure kids from working class backgrounds can help run the country by busting open Whitehall. We want ordinary kids with extraordinary talents to be able to go from the classroom to the corridors of power.

"Politics can often feel distant and remote from working people - Labour's answer is to put them at the heart of our system. We want a 'one nation' civil service which looks more like those it is intended to serve.

"The civil service is like a closed shop, with fewer women, fewer ethnic minorities and fewer kids with working class parents. Labour will create a new generation of civil service leaders which will change the culture of government.

"A Labour government would be 'one nation' in outlook as well as make-up. One of the greatest ambitions must be to help run your country and this should never be confined to one region, class or gender."

Source: Labour party


0 #1 MrPeter Berridge 2014-04-10 23:10
I think Mr Dugher has been watching 'Yes Minister' for his research. The Civil Service is not just about Whitehall, there are many tens of thousands of hard working 'ordinary' folk from non-privileged backgrounds in a diverse range of jobs. The Civil Service has for some time encouraged Fast-stream entrants to draw new blood into an aging demographic workforce. When will ministers stop using the civil service as a whipping boy to divert attention from their own wrong-doings. No pay increase for 3 years, below average wages, morale at it's lowest point and yet still we hear of 13% pay raise for MP's, huge rewards for bankers (the very folk that got us here) and prominent ministers profiteering from expense claims.
Another knock for us hard working civil servants....tha nks..!!

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