UK employers receive reservist challenge

Published on Thursday, 26 September 2013 16:27
Written by Sinead Fynes Black

The UK's top 100 employers have been challenged to support at least 100 reservists each.

An Army reservist pictured on 'Uniform to Work Day'
Speaking at the launch of the Barclays AFTER programme in central London, where Barclays called on businesses across the UK to join them in doing as much as they can to support members of the military and their families, the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, said:

"I am extremely impressed by the range of commitments made by Barclays through the Armed Forces corporate covenant and Barclays' AFTER programme which provides injured and wounded personnel with work placements and employment opportunities in recognition of the benefits they can bring to business, and to help them make a successful transition from the Armed Forces."

Calling on the UK's top 100 companies to back our Reserve Forces, which are due to increase in strength to 35,000 by 2018, the Defence Secretary said:

"So now we're looking to British industry to take up the challenge and back our reservists. We've seen what large employers like Barclays are doing, both to support our wounded personnel in finding new careers and in taking on reservists.

"To configure the forces of the future we need this enlightened approach to become the rule not the exception. So today I'm laying down a challenge to the UK's top 100 employers to each support at least 100 reservists in their workforce. I want them to do this not simply because having a recruit in your workforce should be a badge of honour for your company but because the business benefits clearly outweigh the costs."

The Barclays AFTER programme provides employability training, work placements and employment opportunities at Barclays and its partner organisations, with the aim of making the transition to civilian life as smooth as possible.

Source: MOD

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