Drugs policy report from Home Affairs Select Committee

Published on Monday, 10 December 2012 12:30
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Diana Johnson, Shadow Home Office Minister, responding to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Drugs Policy, said:

"This report raises a huge number of significant issues, from the risk of fragmentation of policing drug policy with the 20% cuts to police budgets, to the Government's lack of awareness of prescription drug dependency.

"The Committee is right that this is a genuinely cross-governmental issue, and that the Government just doesn't get this. We need proper education on the dangers of drugs, yet the Government scrapped compulsory lessons on drugs and alcohol. I am glad the Committee agrees with the need for better education and the Government can start by backing Labour's plans.

"And the Home Office needs to be far more active in dealing with emerging dangers, such as the threats from legal highs. Only a small number of banning orders have been issued under this Government and they need to be far more pro active.

"The Home Secretary should not dismiss this report before having read it. We will study it thoroughly and urge the Government to engage on this issue."

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