Underemployment up 1 million since 2008

Unemployment has risen
Published on Wednesday, 28 November 2012 10:19
Posted by Scott Buckler

One in 10 of all workers in the UK are now officially underemployed, according to a study from the Office For National Statistics (ONS)

It says 3,050,000 workers want to work more hours each week, out of a total workforce of 29.41 million.

The number of workers in this position has shot up by 980,000 in the four years since the start of the economic recession in 2008.

Most of the underemployment is concentrated among part-time workers.

The ONS said 1.9 million of the underemployed were in part-time jobs and this meant, in turn, that 24% of all part-timers wanted more work.

By contrast, only 5.5% of full-time staff said they wanted to work more hours.

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