Government putting internal party management ahead of crime fighting

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Published on Monday, 15 October 2012 14:56
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, commenting on Theresa May's expected statement on opting out of European law and order measures, said:

"The Government appears to be putting internal party management and Coalition horse-trading ahead of crime fighting and the interests of victims.

"Theresa May needs to explain why she wants to ditch the European Arrest Warrant making it harder to stop criminals who flee abroad, and harder to send home foreign criminals who have fled here. And she also needs to set out clearly what she will guarantee in its place and whether she will just end up opting back in again in future.

"The European Arrest Warrant delivered the swift return of the teacher accused of kidnapping a 15 year old and a terrorist who tried to bomb the London Underground. Yet the Tories want to rip that up.

"The European Arrest Warrant has seen nearly 600 criminals returned to the UK to face justice for their crimes. It has also allowed 4,000 citizens from other European countries suspected of crimes to be sent back home or elsewhere in Europe to face justice too. 94% of people sent back to other European countries to face trial under the European Arrest Warrant are foreign citizens.

"The Association of Chief Police Officers has described the European Arrest Warrant as 'much quicker, simpler and cheaper' than previous systems.

"Theresa May and David Cameron need to explain why they are ignoring the advice of the police and law enforcement experts. It seems they want to ditch the European Arrest Warrant just because it has Europe in the title.

"The Home Secretary needs to set out clearly what she believes will replace the European Arrest Warrant, whether she plans to opt back in in future and what financial penalty will be imposed by Europe to do so.

"The Tories must not make it easier for international criminals to flee justice, letting victims down. As cross border travel and cross border crime are growing, law enforcement agencies in Britain need certainty and support in the fight against crime."

Source: ©Labour

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