New industrial strategy calls for sector strategies

Published on Friday, 28 September 2012 11:36
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The Business Secretary has recently spoken out on his vision for the progression of the British energy industry. Ahead of his speech at the Industrial Strategy, the Secretary Vince Cable said:

"Government makes decisions every day that affect the British economy, but has for too long done this in an ad hoc way. Government needs to be more like business, by making strategic plans and sticking to them." "Our first part of that plan is lifting the barrier that poor access to finance puts on growth. By helping firms to invest capital, businesses expand, and create jobs." "But I am also setting out a clear and ambitious vision, a commitment far beyond the usual political timescale that will continue to bear fruit decades later." "It will give our businesses certainty, allow them to make their own plans, and know that the full weight of Government is behind them. We will work in a strategic partnership with industry, focusing our support on specific sectors. This is our commitment to growth in action."

The Industrial Strategy speech will go on to outline the following actions:

1. £165 million assistance to increase business skills.

2. A new Innovation and Knowledge centre to assist with centralisation of research.

3. Reviewing and reforming government policies to ensure that businesses have the confidence and support to make long-term decisions of investment.

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