Nursing staff must be given time to care, says RCN in Wales

Published on Wednesday, 23 November 2011 11:15
Posted by Scott Buckler

The RCN in Wales is urging politicians in Wales, irrespective of their party, to support and endorse its new campaign, Time to Care

The campaign, which is aimed at the Welsh Government and NHS managers, emphasises that nursing staff need to be given time to perform their role and nursing duties to the highest professional standards.  It also celebrates nursing and highlights the achievements of nurses in bringing innovative and very special care to patients.

Tina Donnelly, Director of the RCN in Wales, said the campaign draws attention to the fact that nurses need time to provide a high standard of nursing in health care. “This is vital to ensure that the fundamentals of care, such as nutrition and hydration, privacy, dignity, respect and meeting hygiene and toilet needs, are fully met,” she said. “Nurses cannot deliver this service if there are insufficient numbers of them on wards. Inadequate staffing is not only unacceptable for patient care but research indicates that insufficient staffing causes nurse burnout, job dissatisfaction and turnover and increases sickness levels. Also where qualified nursing numbers are low, morbidity and mortality levels increase.”

The RCN in Wales recently released the results from its employment survey, which highlighted how pressures on workload and staffing levels can impact on patient care. The survey found that nurses in Wales are being pushed to breaking point against a backdrop of poor career prospects, financial worries and bullying and harassment.


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