Labour's devolution commission just a talking shop

Published on Monday, 08 April 2013 09:47
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The SNP has said Labour's devolution commission is nothing but a 'talking shop' and that the people of Scotland have heard their empty promises before.

Reports in today's media say Labour is considering more powers for the Scottish Parliament. But the SNP pointed how in the last parliament, organisations across Scotland made the case for devolution of the Crown Estate and more tax powers only for Labour, the LibDems and the Tories to shun them - and vote against these powers in Holyrood's Scotland Bill Committee!

SNP MSP Linda Fabiani, who sits on the Scottish Parliament's Referendum Committee, said:

"Labour's devolution commission is a talking shop.

"We have heard all these empty promises before. Even in the last parliament organisations and individuals across Scotland made the case for more powers. Labour and their anti-independence colleagues in the No campaign ignored these voices and voted against these powers in the Scotland Bill Committee.

"The last commission and the last Parliament heard that welfare should be devolved, the crown estate should be devolved, powers over Air Passenger Duty should be devolved - only for a Labour Government and a Tory/LibDem Government to snub them.

"People in Scotland will not be fooled again. The majority of people in Scotland want full powers over tax and benefits - this is not what Labour is offering and it is not something the Westminster system can deliver.

"The only way to genuinely complete the powers of the Scottish Parliament and create the fairer society we all want to see is with a Yes vote for an independent Scotland in September 2014."

Source: SNP

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