Salmond needs to reveal his plan B

Published on Friday, 15 March 2013 09:56
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Scottish Labour has called on the First Minister to outline his Plan B if he fails to negotiate a deal with the Bank of England on Sterling.

Despite being advised to pull together a Plan B by one of his economic advisers John Kay, Alex Salmond refused at question time to explain what he would do in the event that any deal on offer from the Bank of England on sterling was unacceptable .

Scottish Labour Leader, Johann Lamont MSP said: "Alex Salmond refuses to answer the questions which the people of Scotland need answers to.

"He says a separate Scotland would keep sterling but his own economic adviser, Professor John Kay, says that Scotland would have a weak position in any negotiation with the Bank of England.

"Salmond's adviser says he should consider a separate Scottish currency. Indeed he says that there would have to be an alternative in case negotiations with the Bank of England go badly.

"But Alex Salmond won't admit any of this. He won't even discuss it.

"We know that the First Minister says one thing in private and another in public.

"People will wonder why he refused to rule out a separate Scottish currency. His economic adviser says he should consider it. His own Fiscal Commission said he should consider it.

"And while he refuses to give a clear answer anyone with a pension, with savings, with a mortgage, with a business will worry about what his private plans really are."

Source: Scottish Labour

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