Gers shows that Scotland continues to benefit from being part of UK

Published on Thursday, 07 March 2013 10:25
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Responding to the latest Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland figures which show that Scotland still receives more spending than the rest of the UK and that oil revenue in 2011/12 was lower than in 2008/9, Scottish Labour's Ken Macintosh MSP, said:

"Once again these figures show the benefit to all Scots of remaining part of the UK.

"We do not simply have a shared economy but also shared services, a shared pensions system and our largest trading partner is the rest of the UK. Our future is all the more secure because we share so much.

"The GERS figures reveal the folly of giving up on that shared stability for an uncertain economic future based on the unpredictable and declining resource of oil and gas.

"Over the last decade, the difference in the revenue generated by oil and gas has been greater than the entire NHS budget. As Professor Stiglitz reminded the Parliament just last week, no country should base its future on unsustainable resources that are being depleted.

"It turns out that behind closed doors even the SNP acknowledge this fact as John Swinney's leaked Cabinet paper reveals.

"Rather than the SNP talking about how much they could do in 2016, post separation, they should be explaining why they have utterly failed to use the powers and revenues they have at present to help the Scottish economy out of the economic doldrums.

"The SNP need to talk about how they will plan to grow our economy now and until the next Holyrood elections. Instead, everything they do is focused upon the referendum. It is a distraction which has left the SNP unable or unwilling to do the best for Scotland now."

Source: Scottish Labour

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