Westminster Day of Shame as Clyde Coastguard shuts

Published on Tuesday, 18 December 2012 10:05
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan has accused the UK government for creating an 'unforgiveable threat' to the users of Scotland's busiest water area on the day that Clyde Coastguard shuts and hands responsibility over to Belfast and Stornoway stations.

Mr McMillan – who has campaigned tirelessly to save Clyde Coastguard – said:

"This is totally shameful. The UK government are prioritising saving money ahead of saving lives. The Tory Lib Dem philosophy of putting profit over people represents an unforgivable threat to the area and everyone who uses the Firth of Clyde.

"The Firth of Clyde is one of the busiest and strategically most important waterways in the UK.

"It is a part of Scotland that is loved by tourists and locals and has some of the best sailing waters in the world. Over 2.5million people travel on passenger ferry journeys every year.

"The river remains an important corridor for trading vessels and fishing boats alike.   And until such time as we achieve an independent Scotland and get rid of Trident, the Clyde also houses the UK's nuclear weapons.

"The UK government clearly think it's a good idea to have no coastguard service located in an area with such a high concentration of activity. Everyone else knows it deeply wrong.

"To do away with a committed and efficient coastguard service with expert local knowledge leaves a void that could not be filled by already stretched centres in Belfast and Stornoway, excellent though these facilities are."

Source: ©SNP


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