NI Assembly backs Welfare Reform Bill

Published on Wednesday, 10 October 2012 09:34
Posted by Scott Buckler

The new Welfare Reform Bill for Northern Ireland will result in changes to the benefits system. Many of the current benefits will cease to exist and new benefits and payment systems will be introduced

The bill is subject to approval by the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Northern Ireland Executive. Find out more about what the changes will mean.What are the changes?

Many current benefits will be affected by the new legislation. These include:

  • changes to Housing Benefit
  • the end of the current Social Fund scheme which will be replaced by a new payment scheme
  • changes to Employment and Support Allowance
  • introduction of Universal Credit
  • introduction of Personal Independence Payment
  • introduction of a Benefit Cap
  • introduction of new Fraud and Error powers
  • introduction of further sanctions and hardship measures

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