Economy key theme of annual conference

Published on Thursday, 13 September 2012 10:59
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Building up the struggling Welsh economy and creating jobs will be the theme of Plaid Cymru's annual conference which opens in Brecon tomorrow.

The conference, which takes place at Theatr Brycheiniog, will hear that action must be taken to close the economic gap and tackle unemployment so every person in Wales is able to fulfil their potential.

The two-day event will include panel discussion sessions on youth unemployment, unlocking Welsh purchasing power, the importance of strong neighbourhoods, the future shape of the Union and the way forward for higher education in Wales. There will also be a series of speeches from senior Plaid Cymru figures, including a keynote speech tomorrow from party leader Leanne Wood.

Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru's chair, said: "Tackling Wales' economic problems is the priority for Plaid Cymru. The economic gap widened under the last Labour Government in Westminster and that is continuing under the UK Tory-Lib Dem Coalition.

"Plaid Cymru believes that only by taking more control here in Wales can we create the successful nation that we know we can be. There's no question that we have the talent to be successful - our past proves that we can lead the world in innovation and ambition, now it's time for us to rediscover this determination to succeed. To do this Plaid Cymru will prioritise building our nation's economy and creating jobs above ALL else.

"This conference is part of Plaid's work to develop and deliver an economic plan so that we can put it into action our vision for a modern dynamic and successful Wales. We want to see a Wales which leaves no-one behind by, providing the opportunity for every man, woman and child to fulfil their potential.

"These are exciting times for Plaid. We have a new leader and just like the Olympians and Paralympians, the aim will be to inspire the people of Wales and encourage them to join our drive for change.

"We are delighted to be meeting in Brecon and our choice of the town for our annual conference shows our determination to reach out to communities in every part of Wales. We are Wales' national party." added Helen Mary Jones.

Source: ©Plaid Cymru

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