All clear for fish samples

Published on Tuesday, 01 May 2012 15:08
Posted by Scott Buckler

Chemical analysis of fish samples collected from close to TOTAL’s Elgin platform gas leak in the North Sea has concluded there is no hydrocarbon contamination

The development confirms the sensory ‘taste testing’ of fish samples last month, which found no taint for the presence of oil and gas.  Water and sediment analysis has already been completed, with results showing no direct impact from the Elgin incident.

Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

All of the chemical and sensory testing work carried out by Marine Scotland on the effects on the marine environment of the leak has now concluded that there is no direct impact. Chemical testing of fish samples have found no evidence of contamination, which is of course reassuring.

“It’s also encouraging that TOTAL has confirmed that the gas leak has significantly slowed. I remain hopeful that this incident can be resolved as safely and quickly as possible, with the environmental impact minimised.

“However, we remain vigilant and will continue to carry out monitoring work. As such new sampling work – from within the two-mile exclusion zone and at the sites previously sampled – will be undertaken by Marine Scotland in co-operation with TOTAL at the earliest opportunity.”

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