250,000 visitors can't be wrong!

Published on Thursday, 11 October 2012 10:00
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The Parliament's visitors centre has much to celebrate one year after it first opened its door to the public. With its interactive exhibition, Parlamentarium has attracted 250,000 visitors, picked up several art and tourism awards and been hailed by Tripadvisor as one of the top things to do in Brussels.

It offers an original and informative way of discovering how the EU developed and how it works.

In just under a year, 250,000 visitors explored Parlamentarium. Most of them came from Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland, but 15% of them came from outside the EU.

The visitors centre can be enjoyed in 23 languages as well as in sign language. It is open every day and entry is free of charge.

The centre has also proved very popular with students. More than 5,000 of them took part in an interactive role play game during which they could act the role of an MEP to see what it was like.

Temporary exhibitions

Parlamentarium also hosts temporary exhibitions. The current one shows pieces from the EP's art collection until 31 October. The next one, from 15 November 2012 until 26 February 2013, will be dedicated to the Sakharov Prize.

Source: ©Europa

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