Pharmacy Voice comments on news reports about sexual health services delivered from pharmacies in London

Published on Thursday, 26 April 2012 11:32
Posted by Scott Buckler

Commentingon news reports about sexual health services delivered from pharmacies inLondon, Rob Darracott, Chief Executive of Pharmacy Voice said

Many pharmacies provide a range of sexual health services on the NHS, fromcontraception to testing and treating sexually transmitted infections. The success of these schemes shows that pharmacies deliver a thorough packageof care.

“Pharmacists offer an accessible service, reaching out to people who might not want to visit their GP or a clinic but are nevertheless in need of advice and support from ahealthcare professional.

“Just because the pharmacist operates from a retail environment, it doesn’t mean the advice and support given is any less professional than that providedin other health settings.

“Pharmacists will refer patients to their GP or the community sexual and reproductive healthservices where appropriate.”

“We understand that protocol in South East London includes thorough clinical instructions and referral guidelines prepared by a senior doctor in conjunctionwith a senior pharmacist.”

The news broke as a result of report from NHS South East London which evaluated apilot across five pharmacies in Southwark and Lambeth which gave women over theage of 16 access to the contraceptive pill

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